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Nutrition & Allergies

Prana Medicare is proud to partner with Nutripharm in delivering a premium nutrition service. Nutripharm is a local nutrition consultancy specialising in achieving health by eating well. Sessions provide advice on diet, vitamin and mineral intake, allopathic medicine and complementary therapies.

As naturopathic nutritionists Nutripharm understands how the diet influences mind, body and spirit. They work with you to create a realistic, achievable programme to help manage any symptom. Nutripharm empowers clients to take control their own health in a sustainable and natural way.



Nutripharm conducts an in-depth assessment at each initial consultation. This determines any biochemical imbalances there may be in the body. Clients can also opt to use Nutripharm’s Asyra bioenergetic system.

Asyra screening is a non-invasive method of reading imbalances in the body. The system gathers information by monitoring changes in the skin’s electrical resistance. Asyra allows practitioners record the body’s response to many items. This knowledge better informs the nutritionist when providing dietary advice to each individual.

Nutripharm is a seven minute walk from Prana Medicare. Consultations take place at Harley’s Pharmacy, Old Brompton Road, SW7 3HZ.

If you’d like more information contact Nutripharm’s Rita Arora by clicking her profile below or visiting her website here: